CE:EVP just sent me an email about his call
CE:which was supposed to be at 11
CE:he sent it at 11:04
CE:it was:
D*ick swinging
FrauD:Big Boss! I got stung by a wasp!
BigBoss:Oh yea? Well yesterday I got stung by a bee. I had to take the stinger out.
Once you've cracked you can't go back
Short skirt:you should hear this conversation
Short skirt:im listening because i knew id hear this
Short skirt:NewCEO is like, no EVP
Short skirt:you cant say that
Short skirt:because its not true
CE:guess who's going to get fired soon...
Eyes on the soles of my feet

The Big Boss was standing in my office. He yelled for the Runner (downstairs) to go get his car. He walked out into the hallway to talk to Short Skirt, then came back into my office to ask if the Runner had left yet. “I don’t know. I’ve been sitting here, behind you.”

If you didn’t already know…

I thought I would repost this, since it seems that only 11 of the 75 followed instructions (you 64 are fired, fyi) …

Hey Fans and Friends,

In case you didn’t hear, we’ve all been promoted! Well. VPD has been released from Bondage. And the Big Boss is still the Big Boss. But the underlings, my are we fancy. So fancy, we are too fancy for this blog.

So come with us to development hell.

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Anonymous said: are you going to the beatles: the lost concert" movie when it comes out next month?

I don’t have plans to, but it sounds pretty fantastic. 

Requests (absolutely unnecessary)


I will not make you feel my arm muscles after I come back from a training session.

That’s some Big Boss shit right there.